Website Analytics Setup & Review

Creating clean data you can depend on

Measuring how visitors use your website is a pivotal factor when determining the success of a website.

Industry standard tools like Google Analytics require the right setup to ensure the data presented to you is accurate increasing our capacity to make effective suggestions and your ability to make better decisions.

Clean and concise data is a crucial pillar for your overall digital marketing strategy.

Our strategist has certifications in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Ensuring your setup is correct

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

We begin by looking at whether all your website reporting tools have been setup correctly. Next we setup goal and event tracking, funnels and content grouping according to your business objectives. Then we filter out all unnecessary traffic including bots and spiders.

Continually adjusting

To adapt to website and business changes

We regularly check and adjust your analytics to ensure your data continues to accurately reflect the continual changes that occur as your business develops and reacts to your market.

Google Tag Manager makes it easy

For your website to expand without repetitive cycles

Tag Manager is a phenomenally robust tool when it comes to measuring key actions on your site such as phone number clicks, scroll depths and video watch percentage rates.

What’s amazing is you can expand your site without having to manually insert tags or tracking. This removes the need of a web developer speeding up the process and reducing costs.

Simple reporting and automations

Using Google Data Studio

Checking Google Analytics can be a daunting task. That’s why we use Google Data Data Studio to create bespoke dashboards that show the metrics and measurements that matter the most.

Better yet, these dashboards are delivered automatically to your email and are very easy to use and understand. We can also embed dashboards into web pages creating some truly amazing content marketing opportunities such as reporting stats on awareness or campaign pages.

Looking at conversions and traffic

So we can learn more about your website visitors

Understanding key metrics such as where your traffic is coming from, what search queries are bringing the most traffic to your site and your top pages for conversion helps us shape your entire digital marketing strategy.

Looking deeper into your data helps us identify which pages require improvement and how to develop your website structure.

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