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Blending beauty with simplicity to inspire your visitors to take action

Web design is the process of planning, conceptualising and creating the front-end appearance of each page within a website for a specific purpose. This process commonly involves designing page layouts, colour schemes, themes, fonts and arranging visual content such as images, graphics and interactive features.

A great website is designed so visitors can access the right information or products in a seamless manner that is suited to their requirements.

Our web design team are big fans of simple design that is aesthetically pleasing without presenting unnecessary content that may distract or confuse visitors. Put simply, we hate clutter!

Here is our approach to superb website design.

Identifying website goals

The most important part of the project

Documenting your goals is crucial for us to understand how we can help you and ensure the project does not steer off course.

We will ask who is the site for? What do they expect to find or do when visiting? What key elements of the brand does the site need to focus on? How should the site be inspired by and differ from competitors?

Determining scope

So we all clearly understand what the project requires

Identifying your website goals helps us determine what pages and features are required for the website to fulfil those goals. This in turn defines the scope of the project and how long it will take to complete.

For example, will we be required to build email subscription forms, bespoke databases, service directories or custom plugins? All of this will be factored into the scope so we can set a realistic deadline and cost.

Creating a sitemap

That clearly visualises the overall website structure

A sitemap is essentially the blueprint of a website. Without a sitemap, we cannot effectively understand how many pages are required, the relationship between each page and where your required features and content will be located.

Sitemaps are the backbone of successful SEO strategies. A sitemap is important for both visitors and search engines to understand how information is organised in your website. Getting this right from the beginning prevents confusion later on in the project.

Mapping out wireframes

The first glimpse of how your pages will look

Web page designs usually follow templates. For example, your product or service pages may use the same design with different content. We create wireframes for each type of template. It’s a basic layout without the final graphical elements such as colour or images.

Wireframes allow us to preview the basic layout of each type of page before production. We use this to identify any potential challenges or gaps with your website design and sitemap.

What our clients say

Content creation

The fuel of websites and digital marketing

Now that your website framework is in place, we can start the content creation phase. This serves two purposes. Firstly, to create content that inspires your website visitors to take action and secondly to improve search engine rankings using SEO.

This is done by optimising on-page elements such as text, headers and descriptions using carefully selected keywords to answer the true intent of users. Understanding the context of their searches is critical to the success of your SEO.

If you require assistance creating content, we can provide graphic and print design, copywriting and video production services.

Visual production

Bringing the design to life with colour and style

It’s now time to put meat on the bones! This part of the design process is usually influenced by existing branding elements such as logos and colour schemes.

We create visual prototypes so we can preview exactly how fonts, images and call to actions will look on the finished site. Our web designers’ talents really come to shine here to create a website that is beautiful, functional and legible.

Most importantly, we want to create a website that is a pleasure for your visitors to use when finding solutions to their challenges.

Testing your website

To remove all the kinks

We then test every function on your website using a staging area. Links are checked, images are optimised, call to actions are tested, integrations are checked, videos are played, and scrolling on tablets and mobiles is carried out.

Our team carry out a technical audit to identify invisible errors. We ensure all viable errors are fixed and your website works perfectly across all desktop and mobile devices by testing it manually.

We also ensure your website analytics setup is correct, your on-page SEO elements such as titles and meta descriptions are checked and all testing pages are removed to avoid 404 errors.

It’s time for launch!

The moment you have been waiting for

Once we are all happy with the site, it’s ready for launch. Once your website is live, we perform an additional round of tests to check for any outstanding errors.

We then train you on how to use your brand new website. Our team are also on hand for five working days after launch to fix any issues that might arise.

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