Digital Marketing Strategy

You are marketing blindly without a written and realistic digital strategy

When some of our clients started working with us, they didn’t have a digital marketing strategy or the know how to create one. Our strategies cover all your marketing channels in one codified spreadsheet. Every sheet is easy to understand and documents the current state of your digital marketing and how we aim to meet your KPIs and goals.

Our system of sheet organisation allows data to be accessed quickly and changed effortlessly. Better yet, if you decide to take on more services later on as you grow, we can easily adapt your strategy so all new proposals slot in cohesively with your existing activities.

Understanding your industry and brand personality

Before delivering our recommendations

Our team has quantitative and qualitative experience working with in a wide range of industries. Regardless of this, we know how important it is for us to fully immerse ourselves in how your brand sits and operates within your respective markets. Analysing your competitors is also a crucial part of this phase.

Our ability to understand your industry and brand determines the success of our business relationship. That’s why we treat this phase with great importance and patience.

Taking the time to understand your audiences

By detailing their needs, frustrations and pleasures

This is called ‘Persona Analysis’ by marketeers. We create personality descriptions for each type of customer or supplier. Each persona uses psychographic approaches to understand the values of each type of customer or supplier on top of the usual demographic info such as age, location and gender.

Each personality sets a benchmark for your content marketing plan. After all, we want to provide value to customers and suppliers and build trust. That starts with creating content that addresses their requirements.

Visualising your customer journey

And auditing your existing content

It’s easier to spot content gaps in your customer journey when mapped out. We will recommend how to bridge any gaps in your content plan. For example, you lack a B2B onboarding solution so we design and create an automated email sequence which contains customer and supplier feature opportunities.

The features use the experiences of your customers as the basis for creating link worthy content which in turn generates backlinks for your customers and your business. This in turn converts your customers into advocates of your brand whilst maximising retention rates.

What our clients say

Creating a SMART measurement plan

Based on your goals and KPIs

We use the SMART approach when detailing your goals which typically involves generating leads or sales. Your KPIs are metrics that measure the actions taken before hitting a goal. KPI examples include the levels of traffic, email subscriptions or brochure downloads.

We also analyse your reporting and website analytics to ensure the right data is being captured. Inaccurate data is one of the biggest threats to the success of any digital marketing strategy

Bringing it all together

So every element works cohesively

Digital marketing strategies typically involve more than one channel such as organic search, email and link building. It’s our job to ensure everything works together and that your overall strategy integrates with your in-house teams.

We also develop existing strategies that are currently successful but require development to accommodate new marketing channels.

We work with agility

Making continual adjustments instead of executing big plans

Before digital marketing was born, campaigns used conventional linear processes of big planning, launch, dependencies and testing at the end.

Our method of agile operation is a data driven, iterative and real-time emergent process with ongoing testing. We are delivering smaller strategies with regular adjusting to react to the every changing nature of the online arena.

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