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Video marketing has continually grown over the last 5 years

By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

This form of content marketing can do wonders such as product demonstrations, video testimonials, education and brand storytelling.

Following the smartphone revolution, video production is now cheaper than ever. Brands have started to learn that high quality video production without the use of a conventional production team is possible.

This is most suited for regular social media or website video appetites. We cater for all requirements.

Smartphone video production

A cost effective solution

We use professional lighting and microphones to enhance the capability of our smartphones resulting in a high quality production. Take a look at our latest project filming testimonials for Midland Eye.

Professional live broadcasting

Bringing the action to your fans

Our equipment enables us to attach a wide angle lens to our smartphone. This view allows us to broadcast live with a more cinematic feel. It results in an enhanced viewing experience subject to the provision of a strong and uninterrupted WIFI signal.

Conventional video production

When you require the highest standards

Smartphone production is not always suitable, especially for content that has a long shelf-life. Brands tend to resort to using a conventional team for higher production value on key videos such as product or service demonstrations.

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