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A brand’s email list is one of the most important assets of their marketing

Email is still one of the best channels to deliver content to your fans.

Your email marketing is directly connected with your content strategy and plan. High quality content that meets the needs of your prospects and clients is a proven method of building a successful email list. This gives you a wider line of communication with people that have opted to subscribe.

With higher quality spam filters and tighter data laws such as the recent GDPR, email marketing now requires a higher standard of activity ensuring businesses remain complaint.

We improve deliverability

By strengthening your name with spam filters

We authenticate your email to validate your identity with Email Service Providers (ESPs) and optimise use of wording and links. Double opt in and white listing are also used where possible.

We use subject lines carefully

To increase your open rates

Concise headlines grabs attention and can mean the difference between 100 and 1000 opens. We split test and use this as a measurement of how well your messages resonate with recipients.

We enhance your click through rate

By offering something your recipients want

Great content lies at the heart of any successful email marketing campaign. Your content strategy is designed to drive engagement across your digital channels including email. This improves your subscriber opt in and retention rates.

We monitor your disengagement rate

To ensure you continue to remain relevant

Due to changing digital habits, people may unsubscribe, even after a long period of subscription. However, sudden spikes in spam complaints or unsubscriptions could mean your emails require immediate attention. Other methods such as inactive opt ins or list cleansing helps keep your subscribers up to date.

Simple templates

Designed to convert

Our template designs use minimalism and space with a tone of voice that resonates with your recipients. We also format your fonts and liaise with your legal department to ensure you remain compliant with all applicable data laws.

Automating emails to save time

And move your subscribers down your funnel

Automated systems are ideal for creating client or staff on-boarding sequences and automatic responses to help deliver information at the right time and convert subscribers into paying customers.

Ethical email marketing

To ensure your business remains compliant

We are bound by all applicable data laws such as the recent GDPR. Our team carry out all email marketing under the direction of your legal department.

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