Digtial PR

Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for

Digital PR is the practice of earning coverage primarily online for a brand or individual. It does cover offline events as well such as product launches, exhibitions, hashtags and anything else that takes the action onto a digital platform.

A digital publicist writes content combining SEO principles and webmaster guidelines whilst using the writing style required to hold the attention of the reader no matter what their niche is.

Digital PR assists other channels such as search and social media to holistically reach the overall digital marketing strategy goals.

We bring to the table the best of all skill sets. Our knowledge of SEO maximises ranking potential whilst our media relations experience helps build relationships with journalists and influencers. This in turn provides long-term benefits that go beyond simply acquiring backlinks.

Here’s a breakdown of how we deliver digital PR.

Creating an evolving PR plan

Based on continual research and contextual analysis

We are very considerate of how Google analyses the context of the published content and the linking page. That’s why our plans use carefully selected publications or influencers such as bloggers.

Therefore, we manually screen every possible publication to filter out those that are not suitable. This is done using good old-fashioned ongoing research.

We also plan how your performance will be measured. We use metrics such as traffic and conversions as indications of success, NOT advertising value equivalents.

Crisis support planning

To ensure your business is prepared

If required, we integrate crisis support procedures into your PR plan preparing your business if things go wrong.

Should your business go through a crisis, we are here to support you with additional options such as:

  • Dedicated news desk for press
  • Media monitoring and reporting on how people are reacting online
  • Craft the messaging to address the issue
  • Advise when no answer, is the correct answer
  • Online reputation management and responding to social media backlash
  • Spokesperson if required for interview

Press release and creative services

Crafting strategic high-quality content

We have plenty of experience writing for online and print publications. Our press and creative releases are adaptive so they align with the tone, topics, and opinions expressed in the publications we are contacting.

At the same time, we have to ensure all content supports your goals, SEO strategy and search engine guidelines. This intricate process is where the core skills of digital PR lie.

What our clients say

Contacting journalists personally

With specific pitches that respects their schedules and expectations

Journalists receives tonnes of pitches every day, they are busy with their own tight deadlines and one wrong move could hinder chances of coverage for a long period. Their time is extremely valuable.

That’s why our pitches are delivered with the upmost consideration and never via automated distribution tools.

We want to give mutual benefits and prove to journalists that we care about more than just our own interests.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry

And swiftly reacting to coverage opportunities

Journalists are always looking for content and stories. We monitor a constant feed of media requests on a daily basis. When the right request comes along, we strike whilst the iron is hot. Timing is of the essence otherwise you leave others to open to take the opportunity.

We will actively work with you to turn around content rapidly so we can earn coverage and valuable backlinks on the fly.

Supporting your event

With media relations and professional live broadcasting

Our team have experience supporting B2B and B2C events such as manufacturer trade shows, charity rallies open days, motor shows, professional organisation networking meetings and local consumer interest shows.

We also have professional equipment to broadcast live on social media.

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