Content Marketing Plan

Content is the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy

Content is the key to growing websites, increasing visibility in search, earning links, generating shares on social media, producing click throughs on emails and most importantly, reaching your goals.

Your content marketing plan is the beating heart of your overall digital strategy. The plan maps out what content we need to create, how we are going to produce it, how we will measure and timings.

Auditing your existing content

To find your current strengths and weaknesses

What are your highest performing web pages? Are the words, images and videos aligned with your SEO strategy? What content has gained the most coverage and social media shares? How is your competitors content affecting your current digital marketing?

Researching what content is hot

And what’s not

Finding out what has been shared the most on social media for particular topics related to your products or services helps us understand what content to create.

Our tools also enable us to research content trends and popular topics using individual domains or authors. We use this as part of our competitor analysis service.

We also use this process to qualify whether content ideas are worth pursuing.

Content and keyword alerts

Including brand and competitor mentions

Setting up an alert system gives us real-time monitoring on important elements such as content titles and keywords. This enables us to react to new content and help our understanding of how your industry’s online presence is changing.

Brand mentions ensures we don’t miss any coverage opportunities. Keeping an eye on your competitor mentions develops your link building and digital PR activities.

What our clients say

Deciding on what content to use

In line with your budget and resources

The cost of creating different types of content varies. For example, video is more expensive than writing. It’s our job to recommend within budget the best options for meeting your content requirements which are shaped by your goals and competitor analysis.

For example you want to change your marketing budget during different seasons. We adjust your content plan without disrupting your long term strategies such as building domain authority.

Mapping out your content

Using your audience personas and journeys

We detail all the personalities of your audiences and all customer journeys as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Part of this process maps out what content each audience requires at each stage of their journey.

For example, existing insurance customers such as florists have reported an increase in the numbers of competitors. We would create content detailing how they can diversify their business to earn extra income such as corporate promotional work. The content is delivered in line with their insurance policy cycle such as the renewal stage.

Creating an editorial calendar

So we can plan ahead and consider key timings

Writing is the bread and butter of most content marketing plans. We would create an editorial calendar and integrate this into your project or time management tool or we could use a simple online calendar.

Each calendar accounts for multiple authors, keywords and audience personas which details the tone of voice. Brand and industry news, PR opportunities, seasonal content and suitable awareness days are all factored in.

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