Competitor Analysis

Effective digital marketing cannot be achieved without understanding the successes and failures of your competitors

We have several methods at our disposal to help us identify how your competition is currently performing online. Analysing their activity and identifying weaknesses opens up new opportunities we can take advantage of such as links or content ideas.

The data we present forms a benchmark which shapes your digital marketing strategy and content marketing plan. A robust analysis of your competitors also maximises the efficiency of using our time. Content can be expensive to produce so it’s key we have all the right insight beforehand so we can make decisions and allocate time effectively.

Competitor site and content audit

Spotting URL weaknesses and content opportunities

A content audit compares your content with your competitors. This helps us identify content gaps, which is an effective method of planning new subjects and topics to write about.

Identifying broken URLs within your competitors websites also helps us find new link opportunities.

Competitor backlink audit

To identify link worthy opportunities

Mapping out your competitors backlinks means we can asses which domains are most suitable for targeting in your link building and digital PR plans.

For example, our audit details a link given in a newspaper article based upon a study carried out by your competitor. We can identify the journalist and request coverage using a related piece of content created as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Competitor technical SEO audit

Comparing their site health with your’s

Imagine we have just carried out a technical SEO audit on your site and identified improvements. We then carry out another audit on each of your competitors.

If we identify an outranking competitor with a faster or healthier website, that helps justify the costs of getting your site up to scratch, improving your chances of competing.

What our clients say

Analysing your competitor rankings

So we can identify new keyword opportunities

Our tools map out a list of keywords that your competitors rank highly for. We then sift through the lists and identify relevant and achievable keywords that are not currently ranking. This forms the foundation of your SEO growth strategy.

Tracking competitor ranking positions

So we can react and plan ahead

Positions in search engines constantly fluctuates so it’s important to keep an eye on how your competitors are ranking. This gives you a real-time view of your market online.

For example, if a competitor’s position dropped, we would assess whether we can take advantage of this new ranking opportunity.

Competitor alerts

Monitoring the pulse of your industry

We monitor when your competitors get mentioned online. Keeping a tab of their PR and link building results helps us refine your digital marketing strategy.

This is also a useful way of determining how much coverage a piece of breaking news is receiving. If competitors are yet to cover the story, we need to strike whilst the iron is hot!

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